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THE TOWN: Cortona is a small medieval charming  village surrounded by etruscan walls and lying on a hill, overlooking   the   Lake   Trasimeno. It   is   30 km   from  Arezzo, 50 km   from Perugia   and  70 km from   Florence. Thanks to   the  nearby train station (5 minutes walk distance from the  School) you can easily   reach some   of the most beautiful Tuscan and Umbrian towns.


The HILL’S SCHOOL, established in 1996, organises courses   of Italian  Language and culture all year round. The school is located in Camucia, near the train station, in a fine ‘800 typically Tuscan building. Our bright and comfortable classrooms are complemented by a modern study centre equipped  with audio and video facilities.


  • LESSONS: Lessons are held  from Monday to Friday in the morning or in the afternoon.


  • ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATE: Each students, upon request, receives a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.


  • TEACHERS: The HILL’S SCHOOL’ s teachers have a university  background and    professional experience in teaching Italian to foreigners. Their enthusiasm both in class and in  the  organisation of social and   cultural programme ensures that students obtain the maximum enjoyment from their period of study.


  • COURSES:   Courses   of   one   to   four   weeks   are   offered. On request, the school organises long-term courses.


  • TEACHING METHODS: Students learn grammar structures which are developed by practical exercises involving communicative skills.

      The objective is to stimulate rapid progress in the practical use of modern Italian, and classes are                 based   on continuous   and direct use of the language.

      The Hill’s School teaching method is based on a  communicative-situational approach which enables            the students to  speak fluent Italian in a short time.





  1. BEGINNERS:  In this course,   beginner   students   develop   the   basic   grammar   and   common   vocabulary. Simple conversation is practiced together with   reading and   pronunciation exercises. The main aim of this course is to enable students to use the Italian language in the most common situations of daily life.


  1. INTERMEDIATE: In this course the teacher   does a    review of   the   basic  structures of the language, furnishes  a deeper insight into grammar and syntax, enriches the vocabulary and introduces the main aspects of Italian culture: art, music, cinema, theatre, fashion, cookery etc.


  1. ADVANCED:   Students   reach a    successful   level of   language   use in a wide range of situations,  including  telephone   conversations, reading   and writing and they wish to master higher levels of perfection.




Our school organises courses for individual students who wish to study the Italian language as intensively  as possible in a short period of time.

Individual courses last for a minimum of 1 week and can start on any day.

Students can also choose to develop a   specific   language area (e.g.   Italian   for   tourism, business, art, economics etc.).

It is also possible to follow an individual course with  2 or 3  lessons a  week  according   to   the  student’s needs. This course may last for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months.

The   one-to-one   tuition   method    involves   the    student   actively  in  the lesson,    with   a  constant conversational  contact. This type of course can be adapted for any kind of level.


*** Intensive Crash Courses can be organised at any time of the year.


**  On request, we organise individual courses from 2 to 6 hours daily.




The Hill’s School organises group classes (min.3, max 5) with students who have the same Italian language level. These classes are only organised upon request.

Courses can last for a minimum of 1 week up to 4 weeks.


  • dates and times to be arranged.




intensive courses (2 weeks – 30 hours)

long-term courses (up to 3 months – from 2 to 4 hours per week)







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